PERAK Agrotourism Resort
Tanjung Tualang, Perak, Malaysia
Mon-Sun: 07:00 - 19:00

Experience the uncommon element of PATRO

PATRO, an integrated social and agrotourism project, spaning across 268 hectares of estate, expands on the idea of combining agrobusiness and agrotourism specifically on farm produce and fishing. This integrated estate project is the first for the agency in Perak and will be expanded and further contribute to the state's economy.

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Perak Agrotourism Resort (PATRO) is a quiet and beautiful resort which combines the elements of nature, agriculture and rural tourism. Patro is located in Tanjung Tualang, Perak is one branch of business under the auspices of the State Agriculture Development Corporation (SADC), in collaboration with Destination Perak Sdn Bhd as the exclusive sales and marketing agent. Patro is a place that must be visited in Perak for those who not only loved the activities of agro, but it also provides other recreational activities such as cycling, ATV, kayak, paddle boat, fishing, paintball, horseback riding and others.


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